CDM Consulting Service

The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is one of the flexibility mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol, a multilateral agreement representing the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat global warming. CDM offers additional financial returns for project developers in developing countries to implement projects generally categorized under:

· Production of ethanol and biodiesel

· Fuel switching using biomass

· Production of biogas from waste water and solid waste (including municipal solid waste and landfills)

· Industrial process efficiency improvement

· Cogeneration and electricity production

· Other renewable energy technologies such as wind, geothermal, hydro etc.

The implementation of such projects (called CDM projects) allows developers to claim carbon credits, which can be sold to provide additional revenues, To qualify as a CDM project, it must be registered with the CDM Executive Board.

The understanding of the CDM concept and the CDM preparation, validation and registration process are still relatively new to project developers in developing countries. More often than not CDM opportunities are either missed or not optimized within their organizations. The current CDM market presents many opportunities for businesses to harness their CDM potential. Therefore it is important for business corporations to establish CDM strategies that provide longterm benefits.

Coporate CDM Strategy

· Review the CDM potential within the organization

· Identify and prioritize CDM projects

· Formulate corporate CDM implementation plan

· Identify financing sources for CDM projects

· CDM projects investment planning

· Manage carbon credits portfolio to ensure the highest return from the selling of carbon credits

· Liasie with technology suppliers for projects

· Assist in negotiating Emission Reduction Purchase Agreement (ERPA)

· Provide in-house training

CDM Projects

· Identify projects

· Conduct technical feasibility

· Identify and recommend appropriate technology

· Prepare CDM documentation for registration (Project Design Document – PDD)

· Project management

· Identify financing sources for projects

· Identify carbon credit buyers

· Recommend carbon credits selling strategy