Knowledge Management and Training Service

Bright Management Consulting Co.,Ltd. has a broad experience in training services including the development of training curriculum, delivery of training courses, development of analysis & implementation software tools and e-learning.

Our senior consultants and highly qualified trainers are experienced in assessing training needs and designing customized courses to best meet our clients’ business requirements. Our training services aim to optimize your training budget and better manage your staff time.

Bright Management Consulting Co.,Ltd. has established itself as a major regional training provider in energy efficiency and energy management, renewable energy and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The firm possesses extensive training track record in Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Peoples Republic of China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Some of our recently completed projects include the curriculum development of theoretical course for the ASEAN Energy Manager Accreditation Scheme, the development of Energy Manager Simulation Test Software, the training of more than 1,000 persons responsible for energy (PREs), the development of the virtual reality training software in specialized energy management system for hotels and hospitals, and the delivery of in-house training on Sustainable Energy Management System (SEMS) for a major brewery and a large computer hard disc manufacturer.

The firm possesses expertise in the fields of energy efficiency, sustainable energy management, energy efficiency technologies, renewable energy and Clean Development Mechanism, Services provided include:

1. Development and customization of training curriculum for major government training programs, in-house training courses for large commercial and industrial organizations.

2. Organization and delivery of public training courses for government and specific in-house courses for commercial and industrial organizations.

3. Development of analysis and implementation software tools for energy conservation assessments and energy efficiency monitoring. Customization of standard tools to clients’ specific needs.

4. Development of a knowledge management system on sustainable energy management to assist clients deliver the right knowledge to the right staff at the right time.

5. Implementation of E-Learning platform for in-house human resource development to enable businesses to optimize training budget and better manager staff time. If provides flexibility to customize, change and improve content of training courses. Businesses retain the intellectual ownership of the in-house training courses