Energy Efficiency

Advanced Technologies Demonstration

Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy

Bangkok, Thailand

Project Key Features
21 advanced technologies

Project Records

Bright Management Consulting Co.,Ltd. provides support of the research and implementation and M&V of energy savings as following technologies :

Advanced Technology Demonstration Phase I – IV :
(Investment 263 Million Baht, Energy Saving 84 Million Baht/yr, Average Payback Period 3.1 yrs.)

• Regenerative Burner /Oxy fuel Burner / Self-Recuperative Burner
• Heat Pipe / Heat Pump / Liquid Desiccant
• Ozone for water treatment
• High Eff. Stentor
• Absorption Chiller / Absorption Heat Pump / VSD Chiller
• All Electric Injection Machine / Infrared heating / Induction Heating
• Plasma Annealer
• Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
• Once Through Boiler
• Fresh air pre-cooling & dehumidification
• Rotating Heat Exchanger
• High Efficiency Air Blower