Energy Efficiency

Energy Management Training for PRE (Designated Buildings/Factories)

Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy

Bangkok, Thailand

Project Key Features
+2000 PREs (Building)
+1000 PREs (Factory)

Project Records
2011- 2020

Bright Management Consulting Co.,Ltd. provides support of the curriculum development and conduct trainings as followings :

– Review law and regulations required under ENCON Act. B.E.2535 (Amended B.E.2550)
– Review Energy Management System requirements under ENCON Act.
– Prepare technical standard curriculum development modules for “Person Responsible for Energy, PRE”
– Conduct PRE trainings over 3,000 person (Conventional & Senior PRE) of Designated buildings/factories
– Trainee appraisal and report qualified to DEDE