Renewable Energy & Sustainability

APEC Low Carbon Model Town : Samui Island


Samui Island, Thailand

Project Key Features
Reduce GHG Emissions

Project Records

Bright Management Consulting Co.,Ltd. has provided the consulting services as followings :

– Study and prepare the APEC EPP implementation guideline for assisting APEC economies to achieve the development of
low carbon through eco-point program
– Feasibility Study to implement the Smart Grid system and low carbon transportation in Samui Island
– Study & Develop Samui implementation action plan in accordance with LCMT phase 2
– Develop Low Carbon Project Implementation for Koh Samui Municipality to select and implement the waste reduction
projects emphasis on organic waste targeting to achieve 1,500 tCO2 reduction and meet the sustainable criteria
– Develop Carbon Footprint for City and the Low Carbon Sustainable Urban Development Planning for Koh Samui